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The Best Option for cPanel Web Hosting | Onlive Server

If you are looking for the best cPanel Web hosting providers in 2021, offering the best-in-class services at an affordable price. Onlive Server is your go-to option. Rather cPanel Web Hosting provides the most reliable and intuitive server and site management platform. As well as With a strong feature set and customer-first support, cPanel’s automated and configurable platform enables clients to focus on growing their businesses.

Why is cPanel Hosting so Popular from Onlive Server?

cPanel is known for being easy to use, offering different types of features that deal with files, MySQL, email, stats, and data tracking as well as SEO optimization. cPanel web hosting is easy, clean, and has everything you require to ensure the best experience possible on your journey then come with Onlive Server, start your journey. Our goal is to share the power of the internet online. So, everyone has an equal opportunity around the globe to join and you to buy the best cPanel Web Hosting by Onlive Server. Onlive Server is based in India and that founded by Indian owners. Who always aim to deliver the best web hosting solutions to all the customers globally 24×7!

High-speed cPanel Hosting

We use it in a business where speed determines success. Our cPanel hosting is all about website speed and it is built to save you and your client every expensive second. Rather The cPanel interface provides your customers to do a multitude of things to manage their sites, intranets, and keep their online properties running smoothly.

Publish a Website

Allow your clients to select from the most popular site developers to launch their web presence or give them the resources to build and monitor their own websites from the ground up.

Create Emails & Calendars

Your clients are Provided the ability to stay connected with the powerful email and calendar capabilities baked into cPanel & WHM.

With Onlive Server software, they can launch new email accounts, create shared calendars and enjoy various levels of spam protection.

Backup, Transfer & Manage files

Securely backup and allot all web files from within the cPanel interface or allow your customers to use the FTP controls.

Manage domains

Offer your technical site owners the power to manage their network of domains. Rather You can Create aliases, add or remove subdomains, manage DNS zones, and direct site visitors around any of your web properties.

Some Unique Features:

  • Fully customizable websites
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Built-in security
  • Simple Scripts one-click installs
  • 24/7 expert support

You can Choose from Here:

  • Shared hosting: starting at $2.00/month
  • VPS hosting: starting at $11.00/month
  • Dedicated hosting: starting at $79.00/month
  • WordPress hosting: starting at $1.99/month

All Onlive Server plans include Cpanel access, so simply sign in to your Onlive dashboard, click on the “Advanced” tab on the side navigation, and you’re in. No hoops to jump through.

Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting presented by Onlive Server

  • A Free SSL Certificate for a lifetime
  • Free domain registration for the best plans
  • SSD Storage
  • Tradition Control Panel for Shared and cPanel Hosting Plans
  • 30 days-money back guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Website Builder
  • All plans include 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Implemented Lite Speed on the servers
  • 24/7 Technical Support and is a good choice when seeking a control panel.


A cPanel hosting is the best option to get your website online. Rather these servers are capable of supporting large amounts of bandwidth and can be customized with various software applications. The servers are easily scalable, meaning that you can add or remove memory or hard drives as needed for your business. Our goal is to share the power of the internet online. So, everyone has an equal opportunity around the globe to join and to buy the best cPanel web hosting by Onlive Server.