France VPS Server

We provide exceptional stability and security, making it the perfect foundation for your web hosting requirements.

France VPS Server Hosting

With the developments in the field of technology and the evolution of the Internet, Web hosting has become quite easier. France VPS Server Hosting is a cornerstone that comes embedded with the best features of two web hosting platforms – dedicated hosting and shared server hosting. Technically, you lie on the same physical machine sharing its CPU, RAM, disk storage, and bandwidth. Our VPS hosting gives complete control over your server, sharing the important benefits of a dedicated server. Choosing France Server Hosting, which is faster and more secure than shared hosting plans, to boost their online presence. We are a leading web hosting company, with rich industry experience and expertise in handling the hosting needs of businesses of all sizes

France VPS Server Hosting Plans

Name OS CoreRAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP DC Location Monthly Price
France VPS Custom 1 1 GB30 GB SSD1 TB 1 Gravelines, France $9.00
France VPS X 11 GB30 GB SSD1 TB1 Gravelines, France$9.00
France VPS Y 22 GB60 GB SSD2 TB1 Gravelines, France$17.00
France VPS Z 44 GB120 GB SSDUnlimited1 Gravelines, France$32.00

Our Cheap VPS in France offers a plethora of benefits with respect to flexibility, safety, and performance. We deliver robust virtual server hosting solutions with maximum network uptime. Our Server Hosting Provider company delivers you hosting servers with a variety of Linux and Windows operating systems and a number of hosting control panel options. On the France VPS, You can install and run any application as per your needs, have your own PHP records and utilize your own specific modules, in this way encounter a really adjustable VPS hosting environment.

$9 per month is our starting VPS Server Hosting Price. It is budget-friendly and offers great freedom to customers to manage work portals. You are given full root autonomy to your private servers, like in the case of the dedicated server. Buoyed by state-of-the-art data center architecture, our Server Hosting Company ensures high network availability for our clients.

Frequently Asked


The location of the VPS is important, but it is not as important as you might think. Most of the servers are located in data centers around the world, and these servers can be located anywhere in the world.

The main advantage of a Virtual Private Server is that it allows you to have your own dedicated server. This means that you will not have to share resources with other users, which can be beneficial for your website. Your site will be able to run faster and more efficiently, which will help keep it running smoothly and enhance its performance.

The amount of traffic that a virtual private server can handle depends on the size of the virtual private server. There are many different factors that go into determining how much traffic a virtual private server can handle, including the amount of RAM, processor speed, and network speed.

You can increase your VPS speed using a high-performance SSD drive as the primary storage device. This will provide you with much faster speeds than a standard hard drive, but it is more expensive and less practical for hosting websites because of its size.

VPSs usually have more resources than typically shared hosting accounts and are able to handle more traffic without slowing down. Because of this, you can run more sites on one VPS than you can on shared hosting.