Hong Kong Dedicated Server

Why You Should Choose a Hong Kong Dedicated Server

Chinese people are known to be smart, creative and hardworking – Three characteristics that make them excellent employees in any workplace. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that many businesses in the United States, Canada and Australia choose Hong Kong Dedicated Server their on-premise hosting solution for their most critical applications. Here are three great reasons why you should choose Hong Kong dedicated servers as well…

What do you want to host?

Hong Kong is located in Southeast Asia, just on South of China. Hong Kong has become an important financial center in Asia and one of world’s freest economies. If you want to start your business in China or want to access internet resources within mainland China, Hong Kong dedicated server will be a good choice for you. It is less expensive than Beijing and Shanghai server, but much faster than Beijing dedi server.

Hong Kong Dedicated Server Benefits

Some people prefer to buy dedicated server with premium configuration because they want their hosting to be fast. And they know that using top notch hardware will provide them with an advantage and make things much easier. Dedicated Hosting is quite popular and in demand these days. At PRBC, we offer our clients high quality dedicated hosting plans at affordable prices. We have 3 different locations: United States, Canada and Australia so you can choose one that suits your needs better.

How Hong Kong Dedicated Server Compares to Other Servers

The advantages of using Hong Kong as your server location are numerous. A dedicated server in HK is perfect for gamers, being on a lower latency route to East Asia, and for those with significant businesses in China. The general proximity is also great for SEO purposes, which can be particularly useful if you have an e-commerce site; generally speaking, there’s little reason not to use HK servers unless. You’re tied specifically to another region or country.

Hong Kong Dedicated Server and Hosting Solutions

Hosting may be an easy thing to do, but it’s not always the easiest thing to find. Often times you’ll search on your own and come up empty-handed because you didn’t know what exactly you were looking for in the first place. Do you need unlimited storage? Unlimited bandwidth? Unlimited email accounts? A domain name included? One thing that makes it easier to find hosting is when there are multiple options for you to choose from that all offer something different and special, like dedicated servers hosting from IN Motion Hosting.

99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee

We provide Hong Kong Dedicated Servers with 99.99% network uptime guarantee. This means that we will credit your account if our network is unavailable for more than 30 minutes over a monthly billing cycle.

Dedicated Unshared International Bandwidth

Choosing a dedicated server with international bandwidth allows you to take advantage of a faster connection without having to share it with other users. This can help make your website load faster, which will improve its overall performance.

100Mbps Hong Kong Local Bandwidth

If you are looking for Hong Kong dedicated server to run a website or an internet application that requires high-speed local bandwidth, then your search ends here. We offer 100Mbps bandwidth at only HK$420 per month. Try our Hong Kong dedicated server today.

2 Dedicated IP Addresses

Every Hong Kong dedicated server includes two static, dedicated IP addresses for your convenience. One address is for email relay. With these addresses, you’ll never have to worry about sharing a single public IP address with multiple virtual machines again.

Unmetered Traffic

Traffic on Hong Kong Dedicated Servers is unmetered, Which means there’s no limit to how much you can use. Each server includes a free Bandwidth Usage Meter so you can track traffic usage in real time.

Hong Kong Tier 3+ Data Center

Our Hong Kong Data Center is located in a Tier 3+ ISO 45001-certified facility with 100% uptime guarantee. This ensures optimal safety and service for our customers, as well as their critical operations, data and applications.

Service Ready within 6 Hours

Whether you are in need of a standard configuration or a customized server, we will work to get your server up and running as quickly as possible.

24/7 Security and Technical Support

We have a 24/7 support to keep your server up-to-date. We can do everything from installing an SSL certificate on a VPS to moving your dedicated server from one data center to another. With our team, you will never have to worry about any of that stuff. As for security, we have encrypted traffic via HTTPs. o even if hackers or snoopers break into our servers, they won’t be able to read anything sent between your computer and our servers.

No Setup Fee / No Hidden Cost

There are very few companies that offer dedicated servers at such a competitive price with no setup fee. With our service, you will be charged with just one time payment. Without any extra charge! We are offering server management and hardware support for free to make sure you can use our dedicated server in an easy way. Moreover, we never hide any details from our customers: Our pricing is all-inclusive.

Need more information?

Well, like all things in life, dedicated server is no exception. Though there are many choices for a Hong Kong Dedicated Server at 1E, one of our biggest strengths is that. e build strong relationships with each of our customers to determine their needs. We don’t assume that everyone has identical needs; we have different packages available to help you find exactly what you need.