What is cPanel Hosting?

There are several features of cPanel web hosting that is very advantageous to companies and institutions who have need website hosting and internet-based businesses and clients to provide for. cPanel hosting is a service that stores many websites on a single server. Every website shares the server’s resources (disk space, data transfer, CPU, memory, etc.). which helps users according to manage their accounts. The web hosting service provider is responsible for the overall management of the server. we give users first-class support tools that are most reliable to manage their website account.

cPanel web hosting

Benefits of cPanel web hosting


Email helps users to create their website email accounts, edit accounts to their needs, set or change passwords, set up email security features, delete emails, email messages, forward email, automatic spam blockage, and a lot more.

File Management:

cPanel website hosting has file management features, which allow users to safely upload, safely download, and manage their files from the server. Rest of the incredible consists of a couple of domains, a formation of sub-domains; file backups, disc area information, FTP server entry rights, and a lot more.

Site Management

cPanel has various features in the field of website maintenance. Users are allowed to install and uninstall their website front-page extensions, allowed to manage the FTP (file switch protocol) account, manage their domains, directories, net configurations, database administrations, and be in a position to create customized errors web page views.

Domain Management

Give your tech-savvy website owners the capability to manage your domain network. cPanel Web Hosting gives the basic level of website control of the website. Create aliases, create and remove subdomains, parked domains while providing sleek management of redirecting commands.


The license for cPanel is significantly less expensive as compared to other platforms. cPanel web hosting offers you a wide variety of plans and a complete package of applications that acts as a rock-solid website management system.

Powerful Dashboard

cPanel is a popular control dashboard that helps you manage your web hosting server with the usage of a user-friendly web-based interface. This is especially popular with shared hosts. Its dashboard makes it very effortless to access your web hosting. It’s very easy to use and user-friendly, so you can manage your hosting from nearly anywhere!

Easy Installation:

With the presence of Linux OS and just a few clicks, you can install cPanel without any hassle. It comes with default configuration settings, which allows you to get it working on your server immediately after installation without having to reconfigure it before use.

Web protection and security:

Users also access protection features that can allow them to block or unblock IP address. This characteristic also allows users to delegate roles and access levels to their clients or workers, set access restrictions, password-guard their directories and Mod Security is a firewall for online applications. It consistently scans incoming web traffic for risks, stopping harmful connections from reaching apps.

Detailed Statistics:

cPanel gives detailed statistics on various important variables such as the number of website visitors, pages visited by them, most visited pages, IP address of visitors, traffic coming back to the site, their working system, browser, website ranking, etc. With these statistics, website owners can adjust to meet the needs of such users and work towards making their website SEO friendly.

Certainly, it is true that cPanel website hosting has great features that establish it as a remarkable website hosting application. The features discussed above will help you to manage your website efficiently and provide more satisfaction to your customers. This software offers great value for every penny spent in buying it. Therefore, we recommend that you should use cPanel if you want to make your website administration fun.


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