Book Domain Name Online

When selecting a domain name online, here are a few things to keep in mind.

A catchy, memorable domain name is required for any great website. It is not easy to create anything unique, but you will need to register it once. When you need to Book Domain Name Online, you will need the services of a domain registrar. You can contact them or visit their website.

It is not difficult to register, but you must first choose from hundreds of companies contending your business. There are various factors to evaluate before settling for the best domain registrar. Here are some of the things you when you Book Domain Name Online.

Add-on Pricing

When you buy a domain name, some domain name registrars will automatically check for add-on services. If you do not uncheck those choices, your cost will be much higher. A .com domain name should not cost over $14.99 a year on average. It should raise suspicion if it does.

When you move to the checkout page, you need to pay close attention to the details and uncheck any unnecessary add-on services or upsells. Additionally, it is a great idea to double-check the overall amount charged on the credit card accounts.

Bad User experience

Most domain registrars strive to make their websites as user-friendly as possible to retain your business. Some domain registrars, on the other hand, do the exact reverse.

It would be impossible for you to update your domain name settings, such as nameservers, due to this. You will need to do so if you wish to move the domain to a new registrar.

The simplest method to find out is to check up domain registrar reviews on the internet. Remember that only a small number of happy customers publish reviews on the internet, so read them attentively.

Hidden Fees

When selecting a domain registrar, keep an eye out for hidden prices and fees. Some of the domain registrars available in the market may have promotional offers for cheaper domains for first-time domain registrations.

The renewal fee of the domain is often significantly different and even greater, which most newcomers are unaware of. Transferring your domain name to a new company is simple with all good domain registrars. Some, though, will charge an extra cost.

How does a domain name differ from a website & web hosting?

HTML pages, images, website builder software, and other assets make up a website.If the website’s domain name is its web address, then web hosting is where it lives. This is the computer on which your website’s files are kept. Servers are such computers, and hosting firms provide them as a service.

To create a website, you will need both a domain name and web hosting. It’s crucial to realize that you might get two different services from two distinct companies. You might be wondering how it would work if you purchased them from two different firms.

All you ought to perform now is to alter the settings for your domain name and add the Name Server details provided by your hosting provider. The Name Server information specifies where user requests for the domain name should be sent.

What makes Onlive Server a reliable domain registrar? 

Onlive Server provides the customers with fast and reliable customer support services. It assures that help is readily available, prompt, and dependable. In addition, it ensures that support is available via a variety of channels. This includes live chat, email, and social media tools allowing customers to have an enjoyable and straightforward customer care experience. They have a dependable and professional support crew to assist with any problems with their domain names.

This provider of domain names allows a customer to have complete domain control. It provides the user with a control panel. From here, one can manage their domains. One can use the control panel to perform transactions for their domains. Some of the transactions include forwarding, billing, renewal, transfer, and other technical operations.

Unlike other domain registrars, who hide additional fees from the customer, the Onlive server offers you a transparent pricing structure. The firm is honest about its registration price and annual renewal fee. You will be well informed before choosing your proper domain name.


When you register a domain name successfully, it will be yours for at least one year. Reliable cleaning contractor in Florida is at your disposal at There are some instances when one would not cancel the Domain Name Registration. Some of the domain registrars allow one to cancel the domain registration anytime. If there is a cancellation of the domain registration, it will be available for anyone who may want to use it. Other domain name registrars will not cancel it but will let the domain registration expire.

In most cases, one will not receive a refund for the domain registration. However, domain registrars have refund policies that you should inquire about before canceling the registration. If you don’t enable the auto-renew feature, the domain name will expire at the end of the paid-for registration time.