UK Dedicated Server

UK Dedicated Server has been established in the market to serve its customers with dedicated servers that are designed and optimized to serve the needs of different applications. With over 10 years of experience in providing dedicated servers. They have built their reputation on offering highly scalable and secure servers that are ideal for modern-day businesses. If you are looking to run your business online or want to make it easier for your customers to access your services. Dedicated Servers can provide you with the best-dedicated server packages. That you need to meet your business goals and maximize your profits.
Onlive Server is a provider of UK Dedicated Server for Business and other high-end applications. We have been providing our clients with quality dedicated servers for over 10 years. Our servers are fully optimized for your business needs. Including hardware and software configurations that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our servers are located in the heart of the U.K. Which means that you can expect a fast response time when you contact us. We offer a range of hosting plans starting at just $89 per month, so there’s no reason not to give us a call today!

What’s unique about UK Dedicated Server

UK Dedicated Server is a provider of affordable dedicated servers with expert technical support. They offer enterprise-level services that allow customers to enjoy the best in server technology. Their servers are specifically designed with the needs of customers in mind, so you can expect nothing less than perfection from this company. They offer custom solutions that are able to suit any need, be it gaming or applications like web hosting, etc.
We are proud to offer cheap dedicated servers, which are ideal for hosting business websites. If you’re looking for a dedicated server with more power, speed, and efficiency, then Dedicated Servers should be your number one choice. They offer flexible plans at affordable prices, with no contracts or hidden charges so you can take advantage of their services without breaking your bank balance. What’s more, Server is a trusted brand that many large companies rely on daily to host their sites online.

Why you should opt for a dedicated server

The UK Dedicated Server is the best option to consider if you want to enjoy the unmatched performance. It offers a complete set of services that are incomparable with any kind of operation. This server is based on a high-end hardware configuration, which allows it to offer advanced features for gaming and other applications. Plus, it comes with a 24/7 customer support service, so you don’t have to worry about anything related to your server’s operations.
You can also be sure that your data will be safe because all servers come with protected physical servers in different locations around the world. In this way, you’ll avoid any kind of risk related to natural disasters or terrorist attacks.
With these benefits in mind, there are many great reasons to consider purchasing a dedicated server. For instance, it’s ideal if you need to host an eCommerce site or have a website where there is heavy traffic. There are also professional web hosting packages that allow you to have all your files safe at all times with backups, so you never lose them. This is ideal if you run online file storage services or your business relies heavily on data that needs to be stored in multiple locations.
While it may seem like there are countless different choices available. When searching for a Dedicated Server provider, one of your best bets will be DDOS Protection. Not only does DDOS Protection offer competitive prices for its servers, but they also provide 24/7 support services.

How does it work?

Each UK Dedicated Server is configured on a robust hardware infrastructure that ensures maximum performance. It also provides the latest technology with uptime of 99% guaranteed. This means it is perfect for any kind of operation, especially one that requires lightning-fast processing speeds. The server comes with a complete set of services. Such as remote KVM access, cloud backup, website builder, SSH access, firewall protection, and more. As an added bonus, there are no long-term contracts required to get started!
Whether you’re starting a website, an eCommerce shop, or hosting an online game server, can handle all your hosting needs. With its 99% uptime guarantee, you can be sure that it will not fail during your crucial business hours or when hosting sensitive information. The server uses DDR4 RAM of 32 GB with a processor. That is almost twice as fast as regular models at 2.8 GHz to process data quickly and efficiently. Each unit comes with 2 TB of disk space so you have plenty of room to store your files securely on its Raid 1 configuration drive mirroring system. This ensures there are two identical copies of all files on your dedicated server at all times.

What would be your price range?

At first, it may seem like having a dedicated server is a costly investment but if you look at the long-term benefits. Then you’ll see that it is actually worth the price. You will be able to keep up with your competitors because they are not paying hosting fees while they host their site with another provider.
The monthly fee starts at $89.00 which includes the initial charge and a full month of service. Additional months can also be purchased in advance to save money on the total cost of ownership.
You also have an option to choose between four different plans: Basic, Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate.
Basic is designed for those who don’t require many resources. For example, it’s a good choice if you host a small forum or database server. Standard can hold more traffic and users, ideal for companies that want to provide email services to their clients. Deluxe is best suited for larger websites since it can withstand intense traffic without losing speed or performance. Ultimate has powerful hardware which allows you to run demanding applications at peak capacity with no lag or loss of connection.

What’s included?

All of the Dedicated Servers are equipped with top-notch hardware configuration so that you can be sure that your data is going to be safe. The servers come in a wide range of configurations, which means you can get one to suit your needs. The servers are fitted with enterprise-level storage and have a huge amount of bandwidth available. This ensures that even if there is a lot of traffic on your site, it will still work smoothly. The servers also come with full access to our expert customer support team. This means any queries you have will be answered quickly and efficiently. They offer 24/7 monitoring too, so you can keep an eye on what’s happening from anywhere.
Every server comes with SSH and FTP access, so you can get to your data quickly and easily. Each server is also protected by a number of security features, including firewall protection and anti-spam software. This ensures that any malicious attempts are blocked before they can do any damage. You’ll also be able to take advantage of custom scripts and services. Which can be tailored to suit your specific needs. This means you can get more out of your Dedicated Server. Whether you want it as part of a game or want to use it as a powerful application platform in its own right.

Will you get live support?

A dedicated server comes with a wide range of services, including live support. The customer care team is always there to guide you. Through the process of designing your server, configuring it as needed, and installing the operating system on it. They are also available 24/7 to answer any questions that may come up during your project. With UK Dedicated Server Hosting, you’ll be able to get the server configured just how you want it.
If you’re not a highly technical person, you may have questions about how to install your operating system or design your server. A live support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions that may come up during your project. They’ll be there to help configure your server and make sure that. It’s working perfectly before they hand over control of it. In fact, Dedicated Server offers an entire range of services designed to meet all of your business needs in one package.