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Onlive Server has several different offers in the Best Cheap VPS category. All of these are fully flexible, so you can choose any server configuration you like and configure it to fit your needs perfectly, such as upgrading RAM and CPU speed at any time at no additional cost, setting up multiple IP addresses, creating backups of your server and restoring them whenever you want, or selecting a location with access to the best Internet connection options available. Plus, all servers come with guaranteed resources, meaning that Onlive Server guarantees that the number of resources dedicated to your specific configuration will never be used by any other customer and will always be available for you. is offering a fully flexible Best Cheap VPS service and you can configure your Cheap VPS when you are ordering. All services have the same best quality, stability, and guaranteed resources so that we can provide the best service for our customers!

Quality-rich Cheap VPS

Onlive Server offers fully flexible best cheap vps. You can configure your own best cheap vps with our tools when you are ordering. All of them come with the best quality, stability, and guaranteed resources. So, if you have ever been searching for the best cheap vps then look no further than Onlive Server. You don’t have to worry about service quality and 24×7 support is available all days of the week. Onlive Server offers a fully flexible best cheap vps. And you can configure your Best VPS Hosting when you are ordering. All services have the same best quality, stability, and guaranteed resources. It is good to be noticed that you can request a free trial service with no payment before ordering. It’s time to test it now! What are you waiting for? Create an order right now! Our sales team is available 24/7 online to help solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Higher Performance of Best cheap VPS

Onlive Server Start at $5/mo with 512MB RAM, 10GB SSD Storage, and 500GB Bandwidth; Onlive Server’s VPS is the best cheap VPS and offers free expert 24/7 support and free setup and transfer. All servers run on a blazing-fast Dell server platform with over 100 cores! Choose from a variety of operating systems like CentOS, Ubuntu, or Windows, and choose your own applications. Onlive Server offers complete access to a dedicated server for hosting. This can be done by getting a shared/virtual private server that is comparable to a standalone system. There are several different configurations of shared/virtual private servers and each has its own price point and performance level. The higher performance levels of our best cheap VPS offer physical resource allocation, high-availability operating systems, redundant networking components, and storage at competitive prices.

Affordability Matters

There are other providers out there offering cheap hosting, but you should know it is not always about price. We just want to offer you high quality at the best value for money. The Onlive server team has been doing its best efforts to provide customers with low-cost hosting services, and they will do so in the future as well. That’s why we keep improving our service performance, staying up with ongoing trends in the web industry.

Best Cheap VPS – The Best Choice

Many people will be asking why we should choose a VPS for their business. Here are some reasons that might help you to find out. If you want to know more about our service, please click here for more details. There are no contracts or minimums, so you can set up your server on short notice. Cheap VPS has high efficiency in price and operation. Our cheap VPS service not only can help you reduce costs, but also improve your project management efficiency. We have different configuration options from one to four cores, 512M-4096M RAM, 20G-100G storage, 1G-6TB transfer, and a choice of control panel software for your needs. And we provide with best possible price for any budget!

How to get Best Cheap VPS?

Compare features and prices before ordering a virtual private server from Onlive Server. We offer a fully flexible range of services so you can choose a virtual private server to meet your requirements. We are proud to be an established provider with guaranteed quality and reliability, so no matter what your project, our Cheap VPS will serve you well. Check out our service bundles and find out more about each one’s configuration options. You can even configure your cheap VPS when you are ordering it, just like other providers do!

Introductory discounts and upfront payments

Onlive Server offers a 50% discount on all the best cheap VPS, you can use these codes at checkout: special1 and save10. We also provide a 4-hour upfront payment plan for both of the best cheap VPS and cloud hosting. Just check out their order page. Enjoy a 50% discount now! Save money with cheap VPS solutions. Onlive Server is an experienced best cheap VPS provider, which specializes in providing all kinds of VPS solutions. We are offering you fast and stable professional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can feel free to contact us at any time when you need help! All servers are provided at affordable prices, we also provide related solutions including Shared Web Hosting Service and Reseller Hosting Service to fit your business needs.

Look out for the extras Benefits come with the Deal

They provide 24/7/365 world-class tech support. You can also track your entire request and billing history through your dashboard. – All servers come with no contracts so you can switch to another provider at any time. – OS Templates are available for each server type. These templates are fully configurable, but give you an easy starting point for your configuration. For example, a free SSL certificate and a free domain. You can also get a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your cheap VPS hosting service. Onlive Server will help you with 24/7 support via the ticket system and live chat. 24x7x365 customer support is always ready to answer your question from Monday to Sunday (12 hours per day). And if you want to purchase the best cheap VPS with a single click then check their order form where different payment methods have been applied.


You can easily get on a website or even by phone and CA workers comp attorneys services are just one click away from you. The Onlive Server techs are available 24/7 to answer your questions and guide you. And if you experience any issues with your, we’ll make it right, guaranteed. Choosing an Onlive Server best is a simple and painless process. To learn more, visit our site today! If you want to get a host, Onlive Server is one of your best choices. We offer two methods for you to choose a standard plan and a fully flexible plan. Both of them are offering you an affordable price, good quality, and professional service. More important is that both plans are offering you guaranteed resources. So, which do you like? Do not hesitate anymore! Come on! The Onlive server can meet all your needs! Order now from us!