Malaysia VPS Server Hosting

The best VPS hosting provider in Malaysia is Onlive Server. Our Malaysia VPS server are fully secure and equipped with efficient management, ensuring that you get the best services possible. We provide a wide range of options for our customers, including all-inclusive packages and custom-made plans that suit your specific needs. The choice is yours at Onlive Server.

In which Technology the Virtual Private Server Runs?

VPS is a virtual server, not a physical server. That means that your VPS is hosted on a physical server, but it runs independently of other customers on that physical server and has its own operating system and applications. A VPS is also hosts on the cloud, which means that it’s host by multiple servers in a data center.

What are the types of Operating Systems in a Virtual Private Server?

This is a very important consideration.

Windows Server: Windows Server 2008 and 2012 are the most popular operating systems for VPS hosting. It is known for its reliability, security, and stability. You can either opt for an individual OS or use a combination of different OSs depending on your requirement.

Linux server: This is another alternative when it comes to operating systems in VPS servers. The main advantage of using Linux over Windows Server lies in its cost-effectiveness and flexibility because you get root access on your server which allows you to install any software program that you want without any restrictions or licensing fees involved.

How much memory and storage space you will get in a Malaysia VPS Server?

The memory and storage space depends on the plan you choose. You can upgrade or downgrade the plan anytime, but you cannot get more memory and storage space for free.

You will be able to get additional accounts with more storage space by upgrading your billing plan with Onlive Server Malaysia VPS Hosting provider.

If you want to add more how much do you have to pay for a Malaysia VPS Server?

You can add more accounts to your virtual private server at any time. The only condition is that you need to pay extra charges for it as well as storage space, bandwidth, and other resources. If you are using a Malaysia VPS Server Hosting company like Onlive Server, then you will get all these facilities in one package which includes the features of SSH access, cPanel control panel, KVM Virtualization with root access on hardware supported by us, and so on. So, the cost of adding more accounts doesn’t matter much here because we already provide everything according to your requirement in our packages at competitive prices with good quality services.

How many accounts are add to a single Virtual Private Server account?

If you want you can add as many accounts as you want. Add as many more domains as you want. You can add as many email accounts as you want.

If you want you can add as many MySQL databases as you want to the virtual private server (VPS) account, which is include in our Malaysia VPS Server Hosting services with Onlive Server.

Furthermore, FTP accounts are also available for all types of Malaysia VPS hosting plans at Onlive Server Malaysia and these are fully manage by us so that even if your website needs FTP access then it will provide a great opportunity for everyone.

How much server management you will get in a Malaysia VPS Server?

24*7 support: Our technical team is available to resolve any issue in your Malaysia VPS Server hosting. We have a dedicated team of professionals who will take care of your queries and problems related to server management or other technical issues. They are ready to guide you through the process of hosting a Malaysia VPS Server, and they also provide solutions for all kinds of problems that might occur in the future.

Shared control panel: We offer you access through our shared control panel in which you can manage both the hardware and software components on your VPS server or dedicated server space easily. This means that apart from purchasing resources from us. You also get complete freedom over how these resources are use by yourself or other users who have been given permission by someone else within their organization with whom they want them shared.

Why should I choose services for the Malaysia VPS server hosting service?

Malaysia VPS server hosting is the best option for you. This is because it offers all the features that are require by you to run your website and business effectively. The Malaysia VPS server hosting service enables you to get a dedicated IP address. Which helps in protecting your website from hackers and cybercriminals. It also gives more control over the servers as compared to shared hosting plans.

Malaysia VPS server hosting packages provide high-quality support 24/7 so that we can resolve any issue whenever it comes up within short turnaround times. The professional staff members of Onlive Server are always available. When needed so they can help make sure everything goes smoothly while keeping costs low at all times.

Here is the reason why everyone chooses Onlive Server for their websites

Every webmaster wants their website to be in top shape. So they can get more visitors and earn money from it. It can be difficult to achieve this goal. Because there are many things that could go wrong with your website and slow it down. You might also have problems with other aspects of your business, such as how much traffic you get or how much attention you’re getting on social media platforms. But if you want the best results for your online business. Then our Malaysia VPS server hosting service is just what you need.

High-quality services at affordable prices – We offer competitively priced plans that are easy on the budget. Yet still provide all of the benefits needed by a serious online entrepreneur or business owner looking for ways to grow their brand-new startup venture into something even bigger than before. And don’t worry about wasting money either; our servers come equipped with everything necessary for managing multiple websites within one account, including all software updates needed over time.


As we have discuss, Malaysia VPS Server Hosting is a popular service that is use to host websites and other internet services. We have also talked about the benefits of this service, as well as some of its uses.

If you are interested in getting more information on Malaysia VPS Hosting, please visit our website or contact us directly.