What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source content administration system. Whether you are a beginner or a professional at jogging a website, WordPress makes it effortless for you to create, edit and manage all of your sites. WordPress used to be created through and is maintained via a specialist group of international developers. Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has persisted to be constructed upon, tweaked, and multiplied in an effort to grant its personal base with very exceptional usability and web page performance. This is simply one of the motives why WordPress is a pinnacle choice amongst businesses, eCommerce sites, and hobbyists alike to energy their site. The backside line is that WordPress is loaded with the equipment you will need to assist you to accomplish your goals! by Onlive Server Fastest WordPress Hosting

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting affords you all of the equipment you will want to electricity and run your WordPress websites. Just like WordPress, our servers are designed for ease of use and performance. WordPress comes pre-installed on your web hosting account. That skill you do not have to fear about downloading WordPress, importing it to your server, and configuring it. Instead, you will be contacted with your WordPress login information. All you want to do is log into your WordPress account to start constructing your site!

What makes Onlive Server The Best WordPress Hosting?

With pre-installed WordPress, you do not have to fear downloading and installing any software. You’ll certainly have your web page up and jogging in no time at all. There’s no guesswork involved! That way you can center attention your time on writing content material and promoting your website rather than putting in and checking out plugins. Our Onlive Server Optimized WordPress setup will additionally auto-harden your website with a range of safety points like automatic WordPress updates and grant you with a unique login URL, all in an effort to hold your website online invulnerable from hacks.

Fastest WordPress Hosting

So why is this important? Studies have proven time and again that quicker websites have:

Better search engine optimization rankings

Higher conversion rates

Lower bounce rates

Improved vacationer satisfaction ratings

As you can see your desire for a WordPress web hosting issuer can have a direct effect on your site’s success. Rather choose Onlive Server the quickest WordPress internet hosting provider, and maximize your risk for success.

How do I get started with WordPress?

Trust us! All you want to do is signal up with an internet hosting account with us. WordPress will come pre-installed on your account. Rather with that potential. Rather you do not have to fear downloading WordPress installation documents and importing them to your account.

Your WordPress installation will already be waiting for you to construct your content material and start merchandising your site! From there, you can commence writing and publishing your content. Rather, of course, you can attain out to our pleasant and specialist Guru Crew Support crew if you want any help along the way.

Are you looking for the fastest WordPress web hosting for your website?

Doesn’t count numbers if you’re starting a new business or if you already have one that’s been around for a while, velocity is one of the keys to making positive that your website online can grow and remain healthy. Bonus point … this will additionally preserve your site visitors’ activity.

Types of WordPress hosting

The decision of what type of web hosting to pick out will depend on your personal requirements concerning how plenty work you desire to be doing with your server and your website online later on.

If you’re simply starting out and want to see how proudly owning a WordPress website online will work for you, Rather you can experiment with free hosts or shared web hosting packages (it’s the place you share the web hosting space with other customers; companies like InMotion or Bluehost will provide you that).

For professionals and sites that have built a larger audience, managed to host and VPS will be the answer (with WP Engine, Pagely, or Flywheel for example). They are more pricey, but they come with a lot of aspects and benefits. Chief of which is that you don’t have to deal with the technical facet yourself.

The organizations here are amongst the quickest in the field. Rather and they alternate from high-priced to cheap, depending on your budget. They offer reliable client help and assistance, appropriate security, and secure backups.

What are the costs involved with WordPress?

The WordPress software is free. Many startup organizations set up their websites with no expenses aside from their internet hosting and domain costs. Rather premium WordPress add-ons incur fees, some for a few bucks or a donation. Rather others price heaps of bucks yearly, however, these are usually for superior users. A WordPress website, like any other, consumes bandwidth and may additionally grow over time.  You have to diagram and price range consequently for new expenses as your account grows. At first, shared web hosting works nicely for most WordPress sites, however, most customers improve their plans when they outgrow their shared internet hosting accounts, particularly eCommerce or commercial enterprise sites. Onlive Server is the place you can get high-quality, low-priced web hosting for Best Cloud VPS Hosting!

Site Ground Features

Blazing quickly host with SSD

Latest applied sciences like NGINX server, PHP7, and HTTP/2

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

Free Cloudflare CDN integration

Free website migration

Five different statistics facilities to choose from

Free WordPress setup and one-click WordPress staging

Free backups with the repair option

Advanced on-demand backup

Pre-installed Git for WordPress in the top-ten plan

24/7 WordPress professional aid