domain name search

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain is the web address of your website that people need to type in the web browser URL to visit your website. In easy words, suppose that your website is a house, and then the Domain name is your website address. For example, the Domain Name Search “”.

Domain Name Search

It is pointing to IP address “”.  It is easy to use a domain name in the search bar than a long sequence of numbers. A domain name always represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource.

How do I Search for a Domain Name for My Own Website?

Just open the search bar and type Then simply enter the (Domain Name Search) the web address you want to register into the check Domain name list. If the name you entered is already registered.  We’ll list any available alternatives. If you are the domain name is available, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

What are the Types of Domain Names?

Top-Level Domain Names:

  1. .net
  2. .gov
  3. .edu
  4. .org and
  5. .com

.net It is Network shorthand, which is developed specifically for institutions participating in-network systems. Such as a web service provider (Onlive Server) or an infrastructure organization. As with .com, and the restrictions are never upheld to to networking purposes. It is one of the most popular top-class places. The people according to it can be as close to the top-class, you can choose it.

.gov It is restricted for the government, like .mil to federal government agencies only and only staff uses it. Today,.gov has been used in the town, cities, area, cities, countries, and Native American tribes by government agencies.

.edu – The (.edu) Domain Name is produced for educational organizations by shorthand for education. While the domain name was designed for universities worldwide. Then only one instructional center in America was linked to it. Schools in other nations use .edu together with their national domain, which is discussed in the next chapter Onlive Server. For more info contact me now!

.org – The (.org) Domain Name is developed for Nonprofits, Shorthand for the organization. (.org) These considerations are often not maintained or implemented at any time. Today, our Onlive Server Company uses non-profits, profit enterprises, schools, or colleges, and here communities are used as high-level domain names.

.com – The first high-level domain in popular use is .com for business. Whilst .com(Domain Name) is originally developed for use by businesses. This is not restricted strictly domain name is the most common & popular type of high-level domain name for companies, websites, and emails. It is available at the very cheapest price on Onlive Server.

How Does Domain Work?

What is a domain name? It is easy to understand how do the domains work? A website or you need to enter the URL in your browser and search best Domain Name for your brand. This sends a request out to the (DNS) web browser. Consider it as a giant web book that has all the IP addresses and associated domain names search.

It is operated using a sequence of commands and networks are formed using IP addresses. However, the functioning of the internet is much more advanced & the latest day today. Now IP addresses are associated with domain names search. Which makes it easier for users to remember the addresses of various websites at a time.

What reason, Why Domain Names are Important?

The first stitch you need to know is that domain names give your business or brand a notion of validity and places you in a similar internet-based commercial center as your biggest rivals. It says that you mean business and help online customers and clients consider you a groundbreaking consider helpfully on the web.

It is the Users for individuals to visit your website, and search more deeply into your business and buy your items and administrations. However, when it comes to the matter of domain names, you need to know that the right kind of Domain Name Finder will fabricate your image of an e-commerce website by making a solid picture for your brand. If you somehow manage to publish and distribute your domain name through a network access supplier, your web address (Domain Name) be quite predictive.

Conclusion –

Thinking long-term over short-term is always very important as this will help you with domain name search like never before. You must simply make to brand your domain name because it will be the biggest component defining your brand and business for years. Remember, changing your domain name will be huge pain both in terms of SEO rankings, cost, and branding. So, always think long-term. For more info visit now at Onlive Server and Search trending Domain Name Quickly.


1- How do know what my domain name is?

Go to lookup www. In the search bar, enter your domain name and see. On the results page, check the list of Registrar Information. The registrar is usually and instantly your domain host.

2- Can I create my own domain?

You can register a domain name from any of the top domain registrars that are authorized by ICANN to Register Domain Names. Since there are so many different registrars Onlive Server is the platform the most popular to register a domain name, and you can choose the one that best Domain name you need.

3- Is gives Onlive Server domain free?

Purchase an annual Web Hosting plan or any annual Managed Word Press Hosting, VPS Windows 10, Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, or Reseller Web Hosting plan by Onlive Server. Then you’ll automatically qualify for a free domain make sure to choose an annual plan if you want to get the free domain.