You may choose between Linux and Windows-based Dedicated Server Hosting, and VPS Server Hosting Plans from Franceserverhosting. If you can’t use shared servers because you need more power, you need a lot of movement or specific consistency requirements. Below is a plan sheet for the basic VPS Server Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting packages. The most recent technology was used when designing it with the VPS Server in mind. You’ll be able to work more quickly on this. Let’s assume that you have already located a web host you can trust, selected the best hosting package it has to offer, and paid for it (there are some free web hosting companies as well, although I recommend them at the very lowest price for beginners and those who want to create small websites as it is a valuable practice solution for trying new designs). Both Linux and Windows are supported. By doing this, you may eliminate slow speed and save money. In addition, we offer you technical help every day of the year. For further information, contact us via email, phone, or Skype.